The Parable of the Ground

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This is the continuation of the last post.

“A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop — a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

In this parable, Jesus emphasizes that the seed is not the problem. The gospel of the Kingdom is not the problem, but the ground. According to the parable above, statistically speaking, 1/4th of those who hear the gospel of the Kingdom will misunderstand it, or misinterpret it for church, or Christian business, or even heaven — somewhere far up there, unreachable at this moment. 1/4th of those who hear the gospel of the Kingdom will quickly accept it, run ahead and build shallow kingdoms that will wither away pre-matured. They will leave behind a “burned earth” where it will be impossible to sow Kingdom seeds anymore. The moment such a ground hears the word “Kingdom,” it shuts the door and shows a cold shoulder. 1/4th of those who hear the gospel of the Kingdom will choke the life out of the seeds that are sown through their never ending pessimistic, sarcastic comments, empty arguments, and useless debates of “what ifs” and “what if nots.” Such grounds are often visible in facebook and blog comments. Ego, fear, worries, doubts, jealousy, and the deception of riches and wealth, name and fame, literally kill the seeds of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, the Sower of Kingdom seeds, explains in the parable in Matthew 13:3-8 that only about 1/4th will understand the gospel of the Kingdom of God and will die thoroughly to ego to produce a crop that is multipliable. “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.” Kingdom seeds must die in order to have Kingdom growth. Dying is not cheap; it does not come easy. The seed cast to the ground is buried under dark, wet, and cold dirt. It remains hidden, away from spotlights and microphones. It begins to decay. No one knows, no one recognizes, and no one cares! It has to die to its Self, its image, its identity. And even when the time comes to present itself to the world, you don’t see it ever in its old form. It is no more a seed; it germinates. When everyone else is waiting to see it break forth out of the ground, it grows pushing downwards, taking deep roots first, to build a firm anchor to carry the truth and to withstand the weeds. Then the unimpressionable, (not to be taken seriously and easy to reject) vulnerable tender stalk sprouts. It has to survive the scorching heat, storms and hail, a hard period of growth. Sometime later, the head comes out, with hopes of multiplication — the full kernel in the head. And the same process repeats again. His Kingdom grows on earth. Kingdom seeds have the potential to produce a crop – a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.

Not everyone who says, “kingdom, kingdom” understands the Kingdom. Just like many who say, “Lord, Lord” also do not understand what that Lord says; otherwise they may eventually obey and do what that Lord says!

Jesus was born as a savior but he is to return as the acting King. While on earth, he preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God. To enter it, he says, requires a radical repentance. “Repent, for the Kingdom of God has come.” Repent means, stop doing what you have been doing so far, turn around and return to the orders of the King. Repent, because he is the King and we are not! Most of the King’s parables on the Kingdom of God do not end delicately but they end with fierce consequences. Repent…, “or else you will be thrown into a fiery furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!” The Kingdom of God is not a sphere where we can play our little games of kings and queens. We may play our own games in the churches, but not so in the Kingdom. In the churches, one can notice an awkward absence of sermons on repentance and obedience. Its the cheap grace and love, isn’t it? But listen to what Jesus says, “If you love me, you will obey my commandments” (Jn 14:15). And one of his commandments is, “Repent!”

Jesus never stopped scattering his Kingdom seeds. The question to answer is what ground are we?  If we are anything other than the good soil, we should know what to do.

A friend of mine posted this inspiring video on her facebook, I am sharing it here as an encouragement.

The King’s Woman

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Dear blog readers,
It has been a long time since I wrote on this site. You may have wondered what is going on. Well, I have been writing a book called, “The King’s Woman — Beautiful and Dangerous.” This is about the Bride of Christ who needs to get herself ready soon to celebrate the wedding feast with her King Jesus. Eve, the first woman chose her own desire above her Creator’s order and fell from her position. The people of Israel, to whom God declared through the prophet Isaiah, “For your Maker is your husband — the Lord Almighty is his name (Isa 54:5), also fell short of the marriage covenant with God, and ran after other men like Assyria, Egypt, and Babylon for her protection and provision. Later, through the prophet Jeremiah, God in agony called out for her. “Return, faithless people,” declares the Lord, “for I am your husband (Jer 3:14). God doesn’t want to be just our savior alone; no, he wants to marry us and live among us. He wants to be our Head, our King! Israel rejected God to be their King and they chose one of them, (just one head taller than the rest) to rule over them. However, God doesn’t give up easily. Ever since, he is patiently pursuing passionately after his hard-to-catch woman. He has been gathering her from all corners to be his Bride. He wants her to be one with him. He wants her to pull together with him in his mission. She is beautiful for him and dangerous to his enemy. More on this in my book, now available to order both as e-book and as hard cover copy at:

I have not just written a book; together with my husband and our oldest son, Jan, (pronounced “Yan”) we have started a publishing media that is dedicated to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. In the year 2009, God gave us an apostolic mandate to gather a certain group of people to Antioch. As we sought the Lord collectively, he spoke a number of things to us. You can see a summary of this in the picture here. At the very end of our meeting, God told us to tarry for a while just like Noah had to tarry until the water had dried up from the earth before he could launch out of the ark. Since the meeting in Antioch, we have now tarried for about 5 years and it looks like the water has dried up and God is allowing us to come out of our hiding. He has given us eight seeds into our hands to plant anew. One of them is 1) Humble Submission, which is the message of the book, “The King’s Woman” and the other is 2) Loving Obedience on which Wolfgang Simson has written a book, “The Constitution of the Kingdom” (at the moment available only in German). These seeds need to fall on Kingdom ground to produce multipliable Kingdom fruit. More on this, in the next post. All these resources will be available in

Kingdom Living

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Hello again, after a long time of  blogging here.

Here is a mustard seed by Molong Nacua that has the potential to grow into a tree in our garden. (Please click “Molong Nacua” to read the pdf file.) Molong, along with his wife, Lisa, and their Kingdom family, simply live what many, especially, in the West may pray and wish – “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” This kind of living does not come easily to them, but they are dedicated to pay what it takes to see God’s Kingdom come. Again, it is such mustard seed-sized faith that moves mountains. Let their message be an encouragement and a challenge to all of us to live the impossible.


Reconfiguring Church

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We just sent out a mail to our friends which is causing a good discussion to the above mentioned topic. You can read the mail right here: reconfiguringchurch_simson.pdf and share your part to the discussion. Please feel free to share this with your friends, churches and mission organizations.

P. S. I just want to add and say thank you to those who are sending in the comments. Please use the e mail given in the pdf  to share in the discussion so I don’t have to redirect them.

Waiting For Her Moment

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I am not the kind of person who watches TV shows like this. My husband emailed me the link saying, ‘you got to watch this’. I looked at it and thought, ‘a 7 minute youtube video! That is too long!’ Anyway, I clicked on the play button and I watched it. I silence my words now and let you watch it yourself.

All of a sudden, my eyes were weeping and my nose was running. My  22 year old son next to me exclaimed, “You are crying watching an old lady dance salsa!” Yes, I was overwhelmed. The Spirit of God impressed on me something about his bride. He dreams of her. He has equipped her from birth to be who she is supposed to be. But she gave it up after much abuse. Her past story tells us that she was persecuted in the very beginning. She fled Jerusalem. She had to compete with other philosophies and heresies within her. She was chopped up into different doctrines. She was confined to monastic orders. They made her into something that she is not – a theology! Those who defended her were martyred. Then those that wished to represent her hung titles on themselves like ‘pope’ and ‘archbishop’, discrediting her very being. They crowned emperors in her dwelling and launched tragic crusades ravaging innocent and ignorant people in her name. All she wanted was to be his bride.

Politics and institutions wasted her. The power of the institutions strengthened and the poor in her suffered and those who stood for the truth, burned in stakes. Reformation began, movements started, suppression increased and persecution continued. She ran disoriented and lost, not knowing who she really is. She was later dressed in new terms like ‘confessions’ and ‘denominations’. People liked her new clothes and made a global business out of it called ‘mission’ to export these clothes to other nations. She is not a business. She is not a theology. She is not a confession. She doesn’t play politics or institutions. She is not a denomination or a doctrine. She has sacrificed much too much to be  everything to everybody. What she really wants is her bridal dress.

She has travelled such a long journey. She is so tired, almost exhausted. Her clothes are smelly and worn out. Yes, she may look wasted and useless; she may look old and wrinkled, But somewhere deep within she has hope. She has hidden her strength to one day shock every institution, theology, politics, every title and doctrine. Watch out! Her moment will come! She will clothe in her spotless bridal dress and her youth will be renewed. She will steal the show because she remembers who she is – his bride.

Life By Faith

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Heb 11:1 Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

 Faith is a living thing. You can let it live in you or let it die. The way we live, the lifestyle that we practice gives breath to faith. Most of us are able to practice the first part of Heb 11:1 and all of us struggle with the second part. The first part is being sure about our hope, our dream, our desire, our expectation and our wish. Every one of us carries a ray of hope in us even if it were quite thin. Hope is a powerful indestructible weapon. That is why people (refugees and migrants) risk their lives crossing deadly seas in dangerous conditions. A small dream, a likely wish, an ambitious expectation or a necessary desire, can awaken the sleeping beast of hope within us and charge us to almost an eruptive state to stretch us to an unknown future that does not promise a good or a bad prospect.

 The second part of Heb 11:1 is about being certain, being sure, questionlessly convinced and having an undisturbed confidence as if we have tested it and have proved it real. The toughest part here is being certain of what we do not see, meaning, we have not seen it or tested it; we cannot prove it real. It is as if to say that there is a reality, of which, as of now I cannot show you any material evidence. The reality remains immaterial as long as I live by my physical senses, what my eyes can see, my nose can smell, my emotions can feel or my brain can understand.

 The nature of life by faith can be compared to the nature of walking on water. It is saying no to the substance of unbelief, which wants us to act only on what we can see, touch, smell and bunker in the bank. Many Christian believers have succumbed to the promises of Mammon, and have ended up not in God’s Promised Land, but somewhere where we never imagined we could end up, sitting with mammon in a very hot whirlpool for far too long. Mammon says, “Make deals, sign contracts, have insurances, job security, make double sure to seek first a firm employment and all its benefits, and then you can – in your spare time or after retirement – do something for the Kingdom of God.”

 Life by faith is to know, either God’s promises are true, or we drown. Even if it sometimes takes a long time – thanks Abraham and Sarah for living the example – God’s promises will come true. If not, we have died waiting for them, which is far better than dying without a thin ray of hope. Faith comes from hearing the word of Christ, not from hearing our own desires and dreams.

 Abraham was told to go to “the land I will show you”, not very clear or specific. And he set off. He lived in tents looking for the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. He heard God say, “go to the land I will show you” and he simply trusted God to be the city planner.

 According to the promise of God, Abraham’s wife Sarah, past the age of child bearing, bore him a son, Isaac. Abraham loved him. Some years later, God told him to sacrifice his only promised son. I cannot imagine the reactions of Abraham’s physical senses, his emotions, feelings, thousands of questions that raced his mind, and his own dreams and desires of his son growing into a young man. Early next morning Abraham left, he did not ask any questions. He only had answers.

 “Where is the lamb for the sacrifice, dad?”

“God will provide, my son”.

 Abraham stopped using his physical senses to perceive God. He understood that there is no material way of seeing the reality of the immaterial.

Is God In The UK Floods?

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Jesus preached the Kingdom, what came was the church. Many in Christendom are stirred with this truth; they start to realize they wanted the Kingdom, but were given Christianity. After years of slaving in man-made religion, they decide that “we did not sign up for this”, realizing that they have not arrived under the liberating Kingship of Christ, but in the ghettos of religious structures. They find themselves to be in a cave called Christianity – while the Spirit of God calls them to come out into the light of God’s Kingdom truth. This truth will now be preached by God’s true apostles and prophets as a part of an end-time initiative that Jesus has predicted: This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come (Mt 24:14).

When you hear this new message for the first time, it may shock you just like someone who has been in the bleak twilight will be shocked by the brilliant radiance of the sun. If that happens to you, do not complain how bright the light is, but complain how long you slept in the cave!

Remember Elijah the prophet? He ran for his life in fear of Jezebel and came to a broom bush to die there after zealously killing the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah, who ate at Jezebel’s table. “Enough!” he said. He had had it. He requested for himself that he might die. “Take my life I am not better than my fathers”, he complained to God. But an angel brought him fresh hot bread and water to revive him. “Get up and eat”, said the angel. Elijah obeyed. He ate and drank, then he went back to sleep. The angel woke him up again and said, “Get up and eat, because the journey is too much for you”.  He ate and drank again; then he traveled for forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. There, he went into a cave and spent the night. “What are you doing here, Elijah”? questioned God stunningly. I am about my business and you are worried about your life? Don’t you understand that this not about you? Your zeal for me, however great it is, is not my main concern, even if you impress it on me many times. Get out of your little cave that provides you your safe dwelling, your refuge and your pleasant burial. Go out, stand on the mountain before me and watch me pass by!

Elijah stayed in the cave. Great and strong winds tore apart the mountains and shattered the rocks. The Lord was not in the winds. Then came an earthquake, the Lord was not in the earthquake. Then came a fire. The Lord was not in the fire. Elijah felt safe and secured in the cave. Then came a faint and gentle whisper loud enough to move him out of his safe dwelling. He came out and stood at the entrance of the cave. “What are you doing here, Elijah”? Elijah was still concerned about his great zeal for God and his precious life. God, however, was utterly unimpressed. He completely ignored his zeal.

Take a moment to consider this. How could we possibly impress God about our zeal for him while we have secured a safe refuge and a stable dwelling in our caves? When he says stand before me, why do we bury ourselves like the dead in our caves? God is busy whispering outside of our caves and we are busy listening to the lashes of mighty storms, we run here and there listening to the rumbles of earthquakes thinking here is the Christ, there he is, and we allow ourselves to be deceived by fiery performances, great signs and miracles in front of our eyes. God wonders about us: you think I am in every gathering that meets in my name, in every prayer movements that spring today and withers tomorrow. You think I am in your regular grand shows, standing under your colorful spotlights. So sorry to say, I am but not in there. I am not in the newest books of your popular authors and I am not in the latest CD of your favorite worship singers. For the last time, what are you doing here, Elijah? You may have slaughtered the falsehood of this world in great zeal for me. You may have paid a heavy price for my namesake. You may even believe that you are the only one left. You have stayed too long in your cave. Your eyes have become accustomed to the darkness of your surrounding. I still the raging storm to a whisper and hush the waves of the sea. Come out! Stand before me! Wrap your face with your mantle, for I am going to whisper and my whisper will scorch your eyes and ears. My purpose supersedes your zeal and your safe refuge. My purpose is about your nation, my purpose extends beyond the borders of your nation and yes, Elijah, you have had it; pass on the baton!

The great and courageous prophet Elijah had to hear the whisper of God to get out of his cave. God still whispers. He has just now whispered again to Peter Farmer , who woke up today morning in a farm in UK, Worcester in the midst of the floods there. No, God is not in the floods, but he who has ears, will hear Him whisper.

Come out of your cave, now! Come out of your secured dwellings. Wrap your face, lest you be scorched. Click here to Hear Him whisper His purpose for your nation.


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