The Circle of Life

Few weeks ago a well known Christian leader was at our home and he simply said something like, why don’t we all just forget about the Apostolic and the Prophetic and just go for saving souls and caring for them.

This man agonizes over the lostness of the people and has huge space for them in his heart. So does the Father in heaven.

Like any other healthy father, God just doesn’t stop with giving birth and caring for the new baby. He is also excitedly watching his babies grow out of the diaper age, the play age, the study age, the work age and he squirms in his seat impatiently to see his son become a father too just like him and do it all over again to keep from extinction the circle of life.

In my understanding this is where the Apostolic and the Prophetic ministries differ from the well known Evangelistic and Pastoral ministry. E&Ps ministries feed the baby with milk and mashed bananas, take them to the park to play on the merry-go-rounds, give them basic education and some small chores to do in the church. A&Pr ministries, they give chunky steaks to those who can digest, takes them on dangerous adventures, lets them experience ‘make it or break it’ situations, exhibits to become responsible and challenges them to become fathers themselves.

How thoughtful of God to provide us with a variety of fathers in our journey to become fathers and mothers.


One comment

  1. I desire to know more about the specifics of what evangelical, pastoral, prophetic, and especially apostolic ministries encompass. Do you have any articles, pdf’s, etc. that you could post? Can you point me towards good resources to learn of these four areas of ministry? Thanks, Ryan

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