Who is the leader of the free world?

By Wolf

In a recent TIME Magazine article (Nov 2008) it said: “More than 3,200 Secret Service members stand ready to sacrifice their lives for the safety of the leader of the free world”. Meaning: the President of the United States.

The term free world originated from the Cold War, when it was used to distinguish between democracies, specifically the United States and Western European countries (the Free), and the communist Soviet Union and its allies (the Un-Free). As the United States led the war against communism, the President of the United States came to be known as the “leader of the free world.” Much of the power of this revolves around the president’s role as commander-in-chief of the military. The US army currently has over 1.4 million personnel on active duty, plus 850,000 in reserve, and spends around $ 1 trillion per year for military/defense related expenses. This image is deceiving. The truth is, that Jesus Christ is the real Leader of the Free world. The Land of the Free is called “The Kingdom”, the political realm of God’s uncontested rule, occupied by law abiding Kingdom citizens freed from the bondage of sin, religious sin management and egocentric protest. The enemy of materialism may be communism, but evidence shows that materialism is simply another form of bondage.

I wonder how many members of the Secret Service of Jesus stand ready today to give their lives for the one who gave his life for them. Are you one of them? And what would happen if $1 trillion would be invested into those Kingdom citizens, that did not pledge away their lives to nations, patriotism, ideologies, the religion of a Middle Class life or the pursuit of fun?



  1. Most of us are sons of modern day Protestantism which has castrated the gospel message from its prophetic DNA making it easier to receive by the masses. It has made the narrow gate wider, and has led many to falsely believe in eternal security that can be bought with eyes closed and a cheap prayer. What quality follower would I be if I had grown among brothers who were being torn by wild beats for their testimony? We need another rebirth of sorts. Pastors can no longer be our fathers, and traditional churches our mothers. We need to sit under the stream of prophetic/apostolic teaching again, and allow the Lord to re-make us into a new people entirely- of the order of the 1st century. What is the cost of this?

  2. The point is well taken Mercy! We do not think that way on a regualr basis. But we should…not that I want to think that way, I’d be frank with you.

    Add to that defending the President in a hostile country with probability being shot going up very quickly, really test the loyalty of the guard. As for Christ followers, who wants to go to a hostile country to defend Our Leader JESUS? I ask myself that question…would I? what about my family and kids?…I think Jesus actually covered that question but somehow I keep skipping those pages in the Bible 😦

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