Jars of oil

There were these ten virgins, some prepared and some unprepared, who were in a situation that was common to both. All ten got their lamps ready, the wise ones remembered to take extra oil with them, all ten went out to meet the bridegroom. All ten were together, all ten had a common goal, to meet the bridegroom. All ten were in the ‘waiting-room’ situation, because the bridegroom took his own time. All ten, overwhelmed by their drowsiness, slept in. All ten woke up when the cry rang to meet the bridegroom, all ten trimmed their lamps. Only this time five lamps burned to give light and the other five burned faint, they were going out.

Lets take a honest look at us. We are all good and ready, we know so much, we could hardly wait to go and do something for the Lord. We all work hard to the point of burn out. There is still some faith left in us, still some hope that drives us. We all want to meet the bridegroom. We could hardly see any difference between ‘running-empty’ lamps and lamps with reserves to back up. Question is, how adequate are we when we wake up from our sleep? What is still left after we have used up all the oil in our lamps? A lamp without oil is a useless lamp.

As the year 2008 comes to its end many of us are looking back at all the good things that happened in our lives and things that we wish could have happened differently in our lives, goals that are achieved so far and goals that still need to be achieved. It happens that sometimes we have missed the goals because of bad timings, right people in the wrong place or the other way around, inadequacy, unexpected crisis like the delay the virgins experienced, etc etc. Some of us have become weary and have ceased achieving the God given goals.

After drowsing and waiting too long to see something happen, would Jesus recognize us when he happens?


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