More Than A Global Economic crisis

If we can accept the fact that the shaking that is happening in the finance world is of the Lord’s doing to achieve his purpose, then we can stand firm because our hope is in God and not in Mammon. Now you may think that I can say this easily because I am not affected by it. To tell you the truth, God pays what he orders. We go back again and again to take his orders, discern it prayerfully and do only that he orders without expecting any return on investment. Is it challenging? Absolutely! And God is teaching us everyday to wait on him for our DAILY (literally) bread. So, no it is not easy to live by daily wage and unpaid wages. Whether or not paid, we want to stay committed to our call and my confidence and hope in God has deepened ever since.

I had a bad sleep last night. Why? Because I was fighting with God, about you and many others that are in similar situation like you. Once in a while we receive a kind of SOS mail from people. They say: I am at the cross roads, I am about to hit the bottom, would you kindly ask the Lord for a prophetic word.

My main argument with God was, why should I pray for you? I don’t even know you, you never contacted us when things were going good for you. But only when crisis strikes, people realize that they have been walking so far away from God that they cannot for themselves hear his voice any more. They now need someone else whose walk is closer to God than themselves to recommend them to him. Honestly,this is not how any Christian should behave. I said to God, “no, I am not a people’s servant to jump when they need me, and forget that I exist the rest of the time. I want to be your servant and I will only jump to my feet for you, not for any man. I am your servant and no one else’s.” This was my wrestling with God in the night.

For the LORD your God is a merciful God. Mercy triumphs over judgment! So guess who won the argument.

Then the Lord brought to my mind two examples.

Watch the fire fighters. When the bell rings, within seconds they are ready to move. They have gone through tough training for years just for that bell to ring. They know what they should do, what they don’t know is the current condition of the situation where they are going to go. They don’t know if the mission will be successful or not until they have engaged with it themselves.

Watch the soldiers. When the siren sounds, they are ready, even in the middle of their deep sleep, to be disposed to face the enemies. The general gives them a command, off they go. The general does not give them a guarantee to return to the base alive. Again, they were trained hard to live for this moment.

God had given us good years the last few decades. Did we train ourselves to trust God in those good years or did we rather put our trust in those good years than in God? Did we learn to do what he desires in those good years or did we give too much attention to our own selfish desires? The fire fighters and the soldiers have committed their lives by oath to stay loyal to the sound of the bell. Have we covenanted with God to stay loyal to his decrees?

How do we escape the tongues of consuming fire and return to the arms of everlasting love? Thank God for all the goodness he has showered over you all these years. If you have made anything else your trust than God then repent of it. Learn to do what he desires and shun away from your selfish desires. He is looking in you for a person that desires to do his will. Again repent of all your own negligence and ignorance of God’s will in your life. And wait on God, without losing hope. I pray that God will not delay.

The Bible is full of stories of how the Israelites forgot God and followed false gods when days were good, then God struck them with war, sickness, dryness… as a punishment for forgetting his laws, his commands, then they would cry out (only when crisis hit them) again God in his mercy would reach out to them and save them, they did fine until they followed their own heart and showed loyalty to false gods, God struck them again and the cycle goes on. How different is it with us who believe that we are God’s children and are his body? Who are we really following? Who do we really trust? Why would we fall when the world shakes? Aren’t we just in this world but not of this world?

This is not just an economic crisis; its a hearing crisis. Because if we don’t have ears, we don’t hear either.

Am 8:12: Men will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.

May God think of us and be quick to redeem us from our troubles.


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