You Mean, A Debt Free Nation?

An excerpt from “Starfish Manifesto” By Wolf:

…When God created Adam and Eve, he did not put them into a vacuum, but placed them into a world that was created and completed for them. It was a “very good world,” with clean water, rivers, gardens, fruits, seeds, animals, a world that was in an incredible balance with God, mankind and itself. When sin destroyed this balance and open communication, enmity came into the world, strife and war not only between man and God, but between mankind itself, mankind and animals, and even among the animals themselves. God started a long road to reconciliation and, in my opinion, lovingly and strategically planned salvation history and its every step.

As the children of Noah’s sons Ham, Seth and Japheth became many nations and the first societies emerged, God chose in Abraham and his heirs the people of Israel to make them a model nation, a blessing and light to the world, so that all other nations in a Godless darkness could watch and see how it is when people live in the light again, in communion with their God. This also included God’s master plan for the corporate, the political set-up of society and not only a salvation plan for individuals. This is why God laid down strikingly simple yet effective political principles, intended for his people to flourish and become all he created them to be. Landa Cope wrote a book calling these principles “The Old Testament Template”. After God liberated Israel out of Egypt, he gave them the Ten Commandments, a foundational Magna Charta regulating the core essentials of a life with God and each other, and therefore provided the very foundation for a civil society.

But that was not all. God went on to establish an entire complex political system, complete with principles that included an open interface and the “traffic laws” between God and mankind (the religious system), the setting down of rules of respect for elders, families, clans, and tribes (the societal system), and establishing principles of learning and teaching (the educational system), simple and transparent tax, hereditary, and debt-cancelling laws (the financial system), clear laws on what is right and wrong, including appropriate penalties and principles of applied forgiveness, complete with legislative, executive, and judiciary institutions (the legal system), and even a system of sleeping and waking, working and celebrating, maintaining a healthy rhythm in life (the life-balance system). In this entire spectrum of society, we can clearly state: God did good to man, in every holistic aspect of the word…

Andrew Jones has published a fascinating speech of Prof. Prabhu Guptara on our current “global culture of debt”. A must read.


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