The Shaking of the Nations

On Dec 11th 2008, 80 Christian leaders in the UK, from most branches of the church, from both Houses of Parliament, business and education met in the House of the Lords to consider the moral and spiritual implications of the financial crisis.

Rev. Dr. Clifford Hill, a man of God’s word spoke here on the significance of the nations of the world being shaken. It is an important and rare message for today. Is God still in control? Does he still intervene?

He says, “The speed with which the financial crisis has developed is amazing and the extent to which has already reached into the hearts of nation after nation. There are probably no nation that are totally secured and isolated from the effects of this crisis. It is the rich and the most powerful nations who are at greatest risks whose wealth and affluent lifestyle are almost threatened.”

On the 28th of February 2009, leaders from the fields of education, church, government, media, business, health and community are gathering together for a special day of prayer in Westminster to wait on God because of the troubled state of the United Kingdom. Its a great privilege for Wolf and me to participate in it. Please pray along wherever you are that God will give to his church his clear mandate and instructions.

Click here for the audio recording of the main talk by Rev. Dr. Clifford Hill.



  1. This is a wonderful thing to be gathering in prayer. Though I am across the pond, my prayers will be joining yours. May we turn once again to the Lord.

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