Who needs revival – when you can have the Kingdom?

Here is a short comment on the prayer day that we were privileged to be part of on the 28 of February 2009.

It is clear that when a nation’s values become corrupted God has to “uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow,” before he can “build-up and plant” (Jeremiah 1.10). That is what is happening in Britain and the whole of western society today.

It was a significant prophetic event that now desperately needs an apostolic implementation. The various prophetic words that were given there now need a place for gestation.

As usual and unavoidable the direct competitors of this emerging apostolic age are the cry for more old-fashioned religious and evangelistic activism, more and even more prayer activity to serve the ‘church-as-we-know-it’ based vision of revivalism. Who needs, however, revival, if we can have the Kingdom? God’s plans are far, far greater than a return to revivalistic patterns; it is the modeling of the Kingdom in the area of a kingdom shaped church, and from there towards revolutionizing family, education, culture, business and politics to reestablish a model nation, a city on the hill. Only that will be able to build an authentic platform to re-engage and thus re-evangelize Britain with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

A kingdom revolution is at hand. Who willingly will shoulder this?

Who of those within existing structures are ready to realign towards Kingdom accuracy?

We need both revolutionists and reformers who will readily put aside their own self-agendas to see “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven“.



  1. Very interesting post.

    ….”Who of those within existing structures are ready to realign towards Kingdom accuracy?”

    I have to say that I question this question.
    I believe that the actual fault is the structures themselves, everyone of which is a hierarchical institution. It is this very hierarchy dependancy which has infantilised believers for centuries. All attempts to perfect such a system will not work. A fresh start is needed outside these institutions, avoiding all the hierarchical control that cripples the spirit’s freedom.

    No matter how good a theory you have, you can’t convert a submarine into an aeroplane, it will never fly. You have to start again from scratch.

    How can a believer revive if he is always dependant on another man for his direction. The saints must recognise that they are each directly answerable to Jesus as their head, and that God wants his own sons to directly draw to himself, rather than draw to a system.

    1. Hi Francis,
      I follow your thoughts. Wolf adresses this subject in his book ” Starfish Manifesto”. I copy here a bit of it for you to read. Our friend Njaal Haugland helped us to open wide our minds through this prophetic picture.

      “Two donkeys for Christ
      “Even after deconstructing the Old and legitimizing the New, let us not forget that both have a role to play. Prophesied in Zech 9:9 Jesus would ride for the last time during his physical period on earth into Jerusalem on the young colt of a mother donkey, that he asked his disciples to untie both and bring them to him (Mt 21:1-7). My Norwegian friend Njaal Haugland believes this could mean a prophetic foreshadowing of the last “beast of burdens” that Jesus is going to use on earth before he returns not any longer a hidden, but a very public King. The young colt, never ridden or hurt by humans could represent a new breed of believers, a new church that has never been yoked or beaten down by religious traditions like its mother. Both are useful for the King, both have garments put on them, but only the colt carries the King of Glory. The role of the mother donkey – complete with its scars and bruises – was to affirm its colt and be there to make sure it’s treated well and does not suffer the same fate, end up with false yokes, burdened with unmerciful masters other than the King himself. She may even know that people who sing hosianna now are ready to kill her and her master with their next breath, and the young colt would need all the confirmation by someone older and wiser that has gone there before. The mother donkey is not disqualified by her hurts, but just like David who had too much blood on his hands to build God‘s temple, God chose Solomon for that job. So the donkey that once was bound will be a comforting mother and supportive advisor to the little colt, and both together will be “donkeys for Christ”, marching into Jerusalem side by side to see Jesus take office. Once he did this on the cross, the next time he will do it on the throne of David.”

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