Jesus Unemployed

Each one pursues his own work in God’s name and believes this is what God is up to and is passionately burdened with right now. Belief in God has imploded into people believing in themselves. What is absent in this journey of faith? Is it the lack of hearing and discerning God, or is it disobedience, living and acting according to convenience, or simply the lack of knowledge of the truth, the inability to let go of tradition or the fear of the new?

If Jesus says, “I will build my church”, why then are we so busy building His church? If Church is the body of Christ, which is formed by every one voluntarily binding him/herself to Jesus and to each other, why then is there much disunity, malfunction, retarded developments and cocooned factions in the body of Christ? This doesn’t give the picture of the spotless bride that Jesus wants to marry and live happily ever after. How difficult are we yet going to make it for Jesus to build his Church? When will we resign from the job that is not originally ours and give it over to the right person Jesus who really really longs and waits with passion to build His Church. Any way it is his body; will we at all let him take care of his own body? If anyone messes around with another’s body, it is called violence and rape. We have not only made Jesus unemployed but we also forcefully plunder him.

And we do all these firmly believing that it is God’s will. What ignorance has overtaken us! So we work and work even harder and we run and run until we hit the brick wall and are not willing to learn the lesson. We will not resign and give the job over to the one who is rightly and truly authorized for the job.

Basically, we don’t want to trust Jesus with his job. We know better how to build churches. Therefore we sacrifice everything, even the job that is assigned for us: to be in unity with the Father and his son Jesus, SO THAT the world may believe in the one that was sent. “Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me”. Here, Jesus, gives an important and valid tip on how to let the whole world know about him. Global evangelisation demands the lifestyle of unity of Jesus’ body. He also gave the most helpful tip on how to unite, to become one like he is with his Father: All I have is yours and all you have is mine”. When the churches and mission organizations around the globe could honestly say this to each other and mean it then we can experience Psalm 133; his blessing and his life.

So far the world has recognized Jesus as a swear word but not yet as the Word, the sent one who deeply loves them. Why? What are we reflecting on this world? Disunity, despair, jealousy, competition, factions and divisions, selfishness, and the list can go on. Jesus even prays to his father about the glory that he has given to his believers, which his father had given him, so that we believers are one just like he and his father are one. Whatever happened to this glory that he is talking about! Where did we loose this glory? Why no one gives even a little consideration to look for it that which we have lost? Is this glory the main component that keeps us as one? Have we lost it or forgotten it? Do we at all care for it or do we ignore it because we want to build OUR churches?

Jesus is longing for you and me to resign and retire so that he can take his rightful place as the architect and master-builder and do what he knows best to do, build his Church. The one through whom the whole universe came into existence is absolutely able to create his own Bride. Jesus has been lonely for a long time now, let’s unite so he can celebrate the most exciting day of his life: his wedding.

Let’s employ Jesus again and allow him to build his Church and let’s indulge ourselves to unite until the Body of Jesus becomes ONE. As we unite to oneness Jesus will be easily able to build his Church. If we could earnestly say to the other part of our body: “all I have is yours and all you have is mine”, then we know we are one. Then we are dressed worthy for the wedding banquet.



  1. Hi Mercy,

    Yes, God IS doing it. Let me share one testimony. A neighbor helped us to renovate our new flat. I tried to stay out of the ongoing hot talk on 1. Tim 2,12. Last week this brother and I watched the third part of Wolfgang’s series on And God moved in with a peace beyond words and reasoning. We did not talk much and we did not want to leave that table!

    To me this is a rediscovered reality of our inheritance in the saints as stated in Eph 1:18 …, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, …


    1. Thanks Frank,
      That same Paul says in Gal 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
      As long as we do not practice and live oneness in Christ Jesus, 1 Tim 2:12 will remain an argument of position and power!
      Jesus brought us his Kingdom and we chose the Church. When we have Jesus as our King, all of us will be his subjects, regardless of our gender. But when we try to rule the church, we will tirelessly dominate each other.
      His Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

  2. Amen amen amen.
    Christians are so good at building institutions, but infantile when it comes to building relationship. By relationship, I mean relationship with God.

    We need to put aside our desires to build something on Earth for God, and instead concentrate on just getting truly close to God for his own sake. Get to know his character.

    As we come to know Him, and His wonderful character we will become dissatisfied with any sort of church we might wish to build. At that point alone, we will realise that we are now a true part of the church which God has already built, and which we have been tearing apart with our ideas of perfecting it!

    As we truly get close to God, we will find that unity with those who are also close to God becomes an unavoidable FRUIT of our relationship with God.

    Unity cannot be manufactured. Unity is a false God of many churches, and Truth is always the first thing that is sacrificed on the altar to this god of unity.

    Repeatedly throughout the bible we see that there is a separation and leaving behind of those who do not want to move further into God. If we believe that unity is necessary before we do anything , then all Satan has to do is send a sluggard or a sleeper into a church and all progress is halted by their unwillingness to move forward in God.

    Signs of healthy growth means that there should always be some that are leaving to move on. These are the pioneers, the forerunners of the kingdom. They are those that seek a better place, those who are not satisfied with the status quo, even if it is good.

    When the pioneers have found a new place in the kingdom, their testimony becomes the thing that attracts others to follow.

  3. Hi,
    I really liked this article, I find myself surrounded by folk who all come to Thessaloniki and do the same thing… Build a certain type of church in a certain way. Clearly men building with their own hands the familiar thing that require little faith.
    Yet it seems to me that the Church should have dimensions of mystery that mere humans cannot control. Therefore we enter his rest and allow him to live and move through us.
    We walk by faith not sight, therefore it si a far less comfortable journey but in the end much more rewarding.
    I believe Jesus is building his church in secret and mysterious ways and it si a joy to journey with Jesus here, as he does it…
    Thanks for this article, very encouraging.

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