Reformed, Americanized, Simplified, Monarchized

By Wolf

If, in AD 1516, some one would have asked “Christian leaders” in the Roman Catholic Church: ‘Do we need a new reformation?’, they would have laughed them out of their world. Who, we may ask, would laugh hardest today, if we ask the same question? Right, the Reformed world.

However, during the last 500 years, we have experienced not one, but four reformations (whereby the church significantly changes its forms and functions). The Reformation of Luther brought Bible, grace and faith to prominence again. The church became reformed.

Around AD 1900, various Holiness movements and the Pentecostal movement, fueled by the general entrepreneurship and the finances of our American brothers and sisters started to be felt worldwide: the church was americanized.

After 1950, another huge shift appeared: forced underground by Mao and his cultural revolution, the “lay people” of the Chinese church took matters into their own hands. The church became simplified and de-organized, beginning the huge wave of the organic movement that currently sweeps the globe.

However, the greatest shift and reformation is in the making right now, as God calls us all to move away from man-made church systems all together and enter the Kingdom as our framework. The church is de-democratized; monarchized, if you will. And de-democratized means that my and your opinion about this is not really invited. How about that?!


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