Starfish Manifesto

The long awaited new book The Starfish Manifesto by Wolfgang Simson is now available here.

Let the revolution begin!

This is important, so please read this first:

The Starfish Publishing Agreement

This book is for free – but it will cost you!

Starfish Publishing is a new resource function carried by contributing authors committed to this present reformation. It is the publishing arm of the “Starfish Partnership”, a global, informal network of followers of Jesus Christ, with the goal of seeing half the planet discipled through the starfish-type multiplication of organic/simple house churches, regional apostolic networks and a return to Kingdom economics.

Starfish Publishing exists to make vital materials towards this goal easily accessible and globally available for the empowerment of anyone.

It is a decentralized network based on the philosophy of a Christian gift economy. In the Kingdom of God, there is no buying and selling, but giving and receiving.

Starfish Materials are therefore not for sale. We loan them to you, and they become yours if you can honor the following risk-free moral agreement:

IF YOU LIKE THE MATERIAL, please agree to

  • “pay it forward” to at least ten others.
  • Secondly, strive to give to the world without copyright whatever God has given to you.
  • Thirdly, money is needed, but instead of simply buying another product, we invite you to invest financially into the Starfish Vision.

The Starfish Foundation serves as a financial instrument to facilitate this

(more in the appendix section).


  • please simply delete it. There are no strings attached.

All digital Starfish resources (books, newsletters etc) are

PASSWORD PROTECTED. You will have to type

ok (in small letters)

as a sign of your agreement to open them.


  1. I’m on page 466 of the Manifesto and it’s fantastic. “Pagan Christianity” by Viola totally NUKED my understanding of the church, and your Starfish Vision and now the Starfish Manifesto are putting the pieces back together. This from a 14-year pastor turned businessman, who now wants to be expelled from his golden cage back into the harvest field. The stuff on Kingdom economy has revolutionized my thinking. Actually a lot of stuff in the Manifesto has revolutionized my thinking — thank you.

  2. Great 🙂

    I’ve taken a peek to the book already, and it seems quite sound stuff. Pretty much what could be expected after the Starfish Vision.

    I admit that it’s likely to take some time to finish reading the book. The good news is that there’s a lot good stuff to read, the bad news that I’m a slow and throughout reader… Any hopes for a paperback version?

    Nevertheless, I’m already hosting a mirror of the file and have shared a link to that to some people who have been interested.

    1. Hi Tuomas,
      We want to bring it out as a paperback version too, just waiting for the money that it costs to do so.

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