Dream Of A Wounded Man

I had a sad short dream as I woke up on the 12th of Nov 2009. It consisted of just one scene.

We as a family were driving somewhere with our car at some cross road and we drove slowly in order to turn left. Then I saw to the left a man who looked totally cool and proud on the outside but inside was raging with anger and hate. He had just beaten up another man almost to death and this beaten up man was lying unconscious on the road side. His spirit and his mind was awake and his body was beaten up, so he struggles to get up from the road side, but wiggles there unconsciously because his body is not able to do so. Then, this angry man comes again, picks him up and actually wants to throw him into the flowing river close by, but because people were watching him, he just dropped him mercilessly in the middle of the road to be run over by a truck or something. Again this beaten up man tried his best to get up and walk while being unconscious; his spirit is awake but his body couldn’t respond because he is beaten up too bad! One strikingly peculiar thing in the dream was that, this beaten up man had a peaceful smile on his face all the time!

I woke up with this dream and asked the Lord what this is all about:

So far this is what I have received. God is calling all of us to journey with him. But now and then on our travel with Jesus, we get to watch and experience people of God hurt each other badly. This happens because of hatred, bitterness, anger, jealousy, competition, wrong expectations, you name it. It is all there neatly hidden and unseen in the inside of us. On the outside we dress up cool in order to not lose our dignity and ministry. But we crush each other by not encouraging and appreciating others for their hard work in his harvest field. Because we are the only ones through whom Jesus should come through! And only our ministry counts and needs to be promoted! How evil is that thought and how destructive! We even go way further to wipe away the other completely in order to have our way cleared. There are so many wounded co-travelers who are struggling to make it. But, they will not easily give up, because their spirit is alive. And no one can stop them, because it is the spirit of God that gives them strength again and again to rise up and continue their walk with God.

We need to watch each other’s back, because not all who journey on the road are travelers. There are robbers and thieves, who want to loot and murder. There is a compelling feeling in me that says, it is very important to know with whom you travel. If the co-travelers are murderers who want to discourage you and hurt you then watch your back. Let no one dare to walk this road, if he/she holds anything against the other on whatever basis.

The next morning I read in the local newspaper, “Wochenblatt” that just 4 days ago, a 52 year old man was murdered in the heights of our region and his body was found next to the hotel on top of that hill. How terrifying! I only got to read the news after the dream, whereas the incident had already happened just 2 days before the dream! We can see this hill top and the hotel right from our house. We take all our visitors to that place to see the beautiful sceneries of Jura Mountains of Switzerland, Vogues Mountains of France and the Rhein plains in between. On a fogless day we can even see the Swiss Alps from there. Just exactly a year ago we even prayed warfare prayers for our region on top of that hill with a group of people there!

This 52 year old man was murdered by the ex-husband or ex-friend of the woman with whom he lived. The ex-husband or friend killed him because of anger, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness and jealousy. This again is a real life story of how people hurt and dare to murder while pursuing their life’s journey. This is happening all the time in our journey with God. We must be careful how we walk and with whom we connect as we walk. Not everyone who travels knows how to behave, handle struggle, and overcome victoriously. So be on your guard!


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