Haiti 2010!

Barely two weeks into the New Year and we see horror in the TV. I am very sad for everything that has happened to Haiti as a nation and to its people. I am deeply moved in my emotions and in my spirit what the Grand parents, mothers, fathers, and children in Haiti go through. Who cannot but lament!

I was just sharing, ‘what’s on your mind’ on my Facebook account about Haiti, and thought of posting them on my blog too. Please don’t misjudge me here, these are just my thoughts and questions. If you have some answers to some of my questions, please pass them on.

Just thinking out loud: Do I have to be a Christian to send a dollar to Haiti? Or as a Christian can I do something mind blowing in Haiti or anywhere else where “need” is not the driving force but “God” is? If there is a need for an orphanage, what would God, who is a father to the fatherless, do? Would he build an orphanage or adopt the orphans into his family? What is easier to do, send some money to sponsor an orphan or to adopt one and give the child the life it deserves?

Thinking out louder: If I as a Christian can do what the world can also do (for example, sending one dollar to Haiti), can the world do what only I as a follower of Jesus can and should do? This brings me to other questions that I am not sure if I can share in public.

Thinking out even louder: If the world is able to love Haiti only after an earthquake, shouldn’t I, a follower of Jesus, have loved Haiti way before the earthquake? Where was my love then hidden?

What difference do I make as a Christian or as a follower of Jesus if I only react when the world reacts to visible disaster. Why didn’t I see the disaster of Haiti earlier which still is invisible to the eyes of the world but so clearly visible to my spiritual eyes? The earthquake has only made it look even worse!

Now, I am not thinking anymore loud but rather crying out before God behind closed doors, for two reasons:

1. Storks know when to fly south. So do doves, swifts and thrushes. But my people do not know what I require them to do. Jer 8:7

2. because the land doesn’t listen to the message of God.

Land, land, land, listen to the LORD’s message! Jer 22:29



  1. Those are disturbingly good questions, Mercy. Do I have the same things to offer that the world offers, or do I have more?

    I’m on my way to a hospital to pray for a colleague’s son who is in a coma as a result of a car accident Friday. What do I have to offer them? Compassion and feelings of sympathy, or more, such as the presence of God who releases prisoners from darkness and sets prisoners free — even those imprisoned by a coma?

    Going in with faith.

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