If a chocolate bar can run my car engine, then it’s a miracle!

Often I end up battering my head against a brick wall. The brick wall is: how to tally the income with the expenses. Especially when the income is mostly in items and the expenses are in currency. For example, the last several times ( I have stopped counting), the wages that we deserved for the work that we have employed has been way below zero. This means we paid every travel bill and sundry expenses that incurred when we served others. And no honorarium was allocated to our work, time and energy. But see, we don’t work for money, but we do have a life to survive in one of the high standard and most expensive part of the world!

Sometimes we do get wages that don’t quite look like ‘I can pay my bills now‘. These include, sharing and staying in someone’s room or house for the time we serve the crowd, a wine bottle, chocolate bars and a set of cushion covers, just to mention a few and oh yes, sometimes a free lunch at the end of the meeting as well.

When the crowd has left after satisfying consumption and revitalized energy to go back and change their surrounding, my battering time begins. How am I going to put this chocolate bar into my gas tank and expect me to take back home safely to my family again? Even more anxious, with what courage will I be able to present a chocolate bar to the person behind the counter to pay for the gas that I just filled in my car in order to get back home? And how will I be able to record my income in items and my expenses in currency and expect that they will tally at the end? Get the picture?

Trying my best to trade with goods, I am beginning to wonder in what age I live, Ice age or Stone age while the majority live in 2010!

Now please don’t get me wrong here. I am not complaining, nor am I angry. But if anyone has a clue to tally my income with expenses, you are very welcome. This is a life that has become so real to me that I have forgotten how otherwise to survive, let alone live! And believe me, it is not just my story, I speak here for many families who have sacrificed everything (that they could easily have if they would invest their time and energy and work in the world) for the sake of the King and his Kingdom and somehow politely with long-suffering and grace manage to keep up that precious smile.

Therefore, something is seriously wrong in the management of the King’s entity. Isn’t it about time that the owner of this entity may loose his patience and remove the managers and the directors who are incapable of running his business in profitability?

For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”



  1. We have read and benefitted from your writings. We are old in ministry but new to Simple Church. We have just begun The Simple Church Community Inc. in Sparta, Tennessee (USA). How can we support you with financial gifts?

  2. Dear Wolfgang and Mercy
    Greeting in Christ Jesus to you and your family!

    I can only begin to tell you how your work is opening up ‘revelation knowledge in me’ It was like looking through a glass darkly and then listening to someone unfold the story! Suddenly the glass is clear and I can see a picture clearer than before!
    All who walk according to the Spirit know that you deserve to be paid in full! Shame on those who cannot see this!
    I however have tithed into areas where God has ‘dried up my funding’ because that area was not producing ‘God fruit’ and I struggled to understand this and cried out from the wilderness ‘why’? until He revealed the truth to me.
    It is clear that God placed me in a wilderness to experience this ‘dryness’ perhaps because that is what He is experiencing from His church!
    It is excruciatingly painful to experience this form of discernment as it seems to me God is saying; Church ‘because you spent your youth on frivolity and did not recognize the source of your provision, I will remove all of the riches of my blessings and you will cry out to me in the desert and I will turn my face from you until you repent!”

    My heart ached for a Loving Father, he is aching not just for our love but our obedience to every Word.

    God is showing me that without Obedience to His word there will be diminishing wealth in the church and it’s people and God will remove the abundance and it will dry up! Therefore His prophets living by faith must be fed by faithul men and women who understand these principals. Not just from an intellectual viewpoint but more importantly from a Love of God and Spirit, an obedience to every word of God.

    I pray for this, for God’s Kingdom to advance as to take hold of every good and perfect thing to the perfecting of the saints and the Glory of God. And for provisions to be handed out in currency and grace to those in God’s favour.

    I pray for God to give you both abundance; practical; spiritual and financial in every good way as you continue in faith.

    In my prayers and thoughts.
    Servant of the Most High
    Margaret James. Shalom shalom!

  3. Thank you Mercy for sharing this. You paint the picture very clearly of what it means to live by faith. You and Wolf are living examples. As I read this tonight, God said to me, “This is your future…”

    1. Gabe, I do not agree that this is what the Lord wants. I do not, repeat again, definitely not wish this for you from the bottom of my heart. God delights in the well-being of his servants. He helps, redeems and delivers his servants from trouble and misery. He doesn’t give them more misery and some more and suffocate or strangle their lives. This is what the devil wants, not my Father. No father wants this for his kids. The church as a whole is too slow in learning how to give and how to pay those who serve them. And my feeling is that judgment is coming soon and it will first start in the house of God. Because of the lack of understanding and absence of financial principles in the Kingdom of God, every one does what s/he wants. And it does mean that the Church (body of Christ) has no clue about what God wants or does through his servants.

      Therefore, if nothing changes in the area of finances in the body of Christ, yes let the judgment come and come very soon, first in the house of God then outside the house of God.

      Ps. I forgot to add that my car never ran with a chocolate bar and I never succeeded trading with goods 😦 Sorry, I am a human, I live in the year 2010 and my faith has limits.

      Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty, James 5:4

      1. Thanks, Mercy. I agree with you. I was referring more to the life of faith which you and Wolf exemplify than to the circumstances you’ve experienced.

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