God Abandoned by Man

These words may not be for everyone, so if you feel this is for someone else, do ignore it 🙂

Lately, God allows us to go through certain experiences in order to reveal what he actually goes through. I don’t want to get into the details. I struggled in my spirit to know who God really is and what he requires of me. I was lead by the spirit to read the book of Hosea. Here are some lines that helped me to cling to God no matter what may fall.

God told the Hebrews to conquer Canaan, and they failed. They did not destroy the peoples as the Lord had commanded them, but they mingled with the nations and adopted their customs. Ps 106:34-35. If we do not conquer the world and its ways but only occupy parts of it, we will be in continuous warfare between the promises of the world and the promises of God.

Just like the Hebrews we may even end up in the danger of worshiping gods, who demand of the people rites and rituals, adapt worldly standards and systems, traditions and customs in order to live in the land. Whereas God only demands of us, wherever we live to practice justice and righteousness, faithfulness and love, kindness and mercy in return for all the blessings that he anyway showers on his people.

Observing the body of Christ everywhere, there is something silently creeping in into the churches of which great caution and awareness is absolutely necessary but completely absent. Assyria (financial strength and security) is emerging, she wants to expand and establish her own empire. Through her expeditions across the body of Christ, she is tempting and often forcing the people of God to submit to her rule and to pay tax and loyalty to her.

She oppresses, she plunders, and she even dares to strip naked the robes of the prophets and the apostles. She rearranges the policies and the principles of God and enslaves God’s chosen and anointed ones. Many of his chosen fall prey to her hunger. Blindly they ally with her false strength; they bargain and make deals with her. In this way they rebel against the one who has called them to be HIS to walk with him. Joined together they melt images that fit to their convenience and kiss calves that are made by human hands for human reasons! And provoke God’s anger!

And yet, some voices are heard, calling the people of God to return to him. And these voices have the experience that the more they call, the farther the people go away from God. But they do not give up, they keep crying out; they plead, this time not on behalf of the people but on behalf of God; because God is abandoned by his people! They don’t care about men’s scorn; they speak the truth knowing that there is reproach waiting for them at the end. They are willing to walk not an extra mile but the rest of their lives with God because they cannot afford to let happen God’s love grow bitter because of the rebellion of man. They are basically haunted by the passion that is in the heart of God, in the heart of Jesus for his bride. Their message: turn from your rebellious ways! Reunite with God; he loves you; return your loyalty to him alone. It is time to renew your covenant.



  1. Thanks a lot for inspiring me. The first article I read about you was on the Tsunami. Thanks a lot.May the Lord continue inspiring you.
    Be blessed.


  2. Dear Wolfgang and Mercy
    As I read your message these words come into my heart :”oh! how long, how long will this stubborn and rebellious generation ignore my ways”!

    I feel despair mixed with hope in My Saviour Jesus and the cry of my heart is as Abraham and Jesus and the many faithful; “Lord forgive them they do not know what they do” ….. How long must this go on!

    Keep saying it as it is! Your words are a blessing to those who believe, even though ‘some’ are hard to swallow!

  3. Mercy, I love to read your blog even though it’s not always easy….
    Not easy in a sense of do I want God to convict, teach…. me or not.
    Thank you.
    I feel that the last 1 1/2 years I spend walking in discouragement.
    It’s time to wake up.

    1. Christiane, God doesn’t force on us anything, but he does give us the opportunity to choose. And he longs for us to become like him.
      After all we are made after his image, right?

      Be blessed in your walk with him.


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