What If …

By Wolf

At some point, the truth will always come out, and what has happened in the chambers will be sung from the rooftops. The former bishop of the Protestant church in Germany was recently caught drunk, driving her car; she stepped down. The Catholic religious system has been caught time and again for sexual abuse. It apologizes and what about all these other groups of people that a church-that-is-not-the-church has hurt, molested and led astray, betraying them of the true blessings that God so much wishes to give to his people? A church that only poses to be the Church of Jesus Christ and, in a grandiose act, dares to say it expresses the Kingdom of God but is not, and is nothing more than a company of blind leading the blind. It is a religious institution that has wronged countless groups of precious human beings to which it should profoundly apologize. The list can get quite long…

  • What if, the church apologizes to generations of monks, nuns and clergy for promising them a life married to Jesus – and who, like Isaac longing for Rebecca, wake up to see “it was only Lea” – and find themselves married to a religious system for which they wasted their lives behind cold walls and in the voluntary imprisonment of lonely cells and have totally missed God’s plan for their lives?
  • What if, the church apologizes to its simple “lay” members who have, by the definition of the professional clergy, remained lays forever. Infantile, immature and never reaching their God-given destiny, they experience a life of religious standstill and numbness while the clergy keeps on performing their liturgies?
  • What if, the church apologizes for falsely making those to believe that their sins have been forgiven and acknowledge that she is in greater need of forgiveness than its own members and has no true power to remove sins?
  • What if, the church apologizes to all those governments and those in power it has “counseled” while living herself a double standard life? Christian leaders at all levels, bishops and Popes have all raised their fingers and demanded more peace, love, humility, freedom and decency, and behind church walls and closed doors, a well concealed but brutal war of competition, power play and all forms of repressive and incompetent government rages.
  • What if, the church apologizes to the rich whose money it has wasted for expanding its own religious empire? The combined value of Church owned buildings, properties, art and investments is an insanely high number, while the church continues extracting unreal amounts of donations from those gullible enough?
  • What if, the church apologizes to the millions of religious pilgrims who have been sent on a wild goose chase? While they have searched for the truth and reality of God at religious sites, in caves and staring at idols, millions have left with straw in their mouth, being told that “the journeys is the goal” and to come again next year?
  • What if, the church that is specifically ordered by God not to worship idols apologizes to the multitudes of idol worshipers for creating ever more idols – both by canonizing mere humans to become worshipable saints, and the religious entertainment industry that blatantly manifests personality cult of charismatic figures?
  • What if, the Evangelical church would apologize for hijacking millions of truth-hungry people into a maze of religious words – books, seminars, sermons, teachings and never ending conferences – that promise an abundant life but only deliver a life of semantics, full of theories and theologies good for a sunny Sunday, but powerless for a life, Monday to Saturday?
  • What if, the church apologizes to millions of men bored to death by the religious lullaby songs and powerless rituals performed by a toothless old lady called The Church and her effeminate captives, soft, religious men, who actually prevent men to embark on a wild dangerous mission?
  • What if, the church apologizes to those millions of tired women whose hard work, money and religious passion keeps the religious show going while having no real voice and influence in a male dominated church powered by women?
  • And what if, …


  1. What if “they” do not apologize………..”they” receive no redemption. May God, in his glorious mercy redeem those that get no apology….but do receive mercy and grace from the One who alone saves.

    Faith……is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. May enduring faith come to those that get no apology.


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