The Kingdom Side Of Christmas

14th September, 5 BC, the most probable date of the birth of Jesus, was a catalytic moment in history. The most dramatic person this world would ever see was born. To remember “Baby Jesus” as a chubby-faced, harmless toddler, or a toy-dispensing fake Santa Claus would do him no justice. Mistaking him to be just another temporary religious leader in a forgotten corner of the planet, another prophet, or even, like most Christians see him, as the forgiver of their sins – but not their acting King, badly misses the significance of his person. Jesus already is acting King of His Kingdom – the domain of his uncontested rule – and will eventually emerge as a global political ruler, a “King of kings,” a unique political title similar to an overlord like an “emperor”.

600 years before the Bethlehem event, another emperor, Nebuchadnezzar, saw in a prophetic dream, interpreted by Daniel, “a rock cut out, but not by human hands” that, seemingly out of nowhere and without human aid smashed directly into the weakest spot of a succession of empires. It was represented by gold (Babylon, 609-539 BC), silver (Medo-Persia, 539 – 331 BC), bronze (Greece 331 – 168) and finally iron and clay (Rome, 168 BC – 476 AD). From there, that rock became a huge mountain that filled the earth. A mountain, in prophetic language, is a power structure, a kingdom. Just as Isaiah 9:7 says: “Of the increase of his government there will be no end”. In other words: “(Jesus) The stone that the builders refused” (Acts 4:11) became the foundation not of ‘Ever-rest’, but of an ever-growing mountain – stone added to stone added to more stone (living stones represent Kingdom people, 1 Peter 2) – that would eventually fill the whole earth, culminating in the moment when Jesus would move from invisibility to visibility again and assume global leadership from his earthly political headquarter Jerusalem.

The prophetic dream speaks of a time when this – the emergence of a global Kingdom under Jesus – will happen: when the feet and the toes were “blown away like chaff on the threshing floor”. If we take the prophetic symbolism of the legs to be the divided Empire of Rome serious, then the ten toes are what were left after the breakup of the Roman Empire. Interestingly, these were ten nations: Franks (French), Allemani (Germans), Lombards (Italians), Suevi (Portuguese), Anglo-Saxons (English), Burgundians (Swiss), Visigoths (Spanish), Herulis (South Scandinavian), Vandals (East-Europeans) and Ostrogoths (Balkans). If these “ten toes” would be swallowed up into one single all-encompassing “Europe” and would thus be swept away without a trace”, the time has come for the “mountain of Jesus” to fill the earth.

This time is now upon us. Let us act accordingly.


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