A Follow-up Response To “Our Dear America”

Dear friends,

Due to the many mails that are reaching us after we sent out the “Our Dear America” message after the US election 2012, we attach a follow-up letter that can serve to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and take the liberty to point into some directions and practical steps we might need to take!

Blessings to you,

Wolfgang and Mercy Simson,


Please click here for The Follow-up Response



  1. A commenter said above ” Truly many are fighting the wrong fight”.

    May I suggest that many are also using the wrong weapons? I’ve seen far too many resorting to rumour, inuendo and even outright lies to promote their own particular political preference.

    Such things have no place in God’s Kingdom. Let us make sure we stick with the Truth.

  2. For months now, I’ve been asking God why He has “left” us where we are; some days with an attitude of self-pity and anguish, others with a reverent, joyous anticipation of the awesome plan He is preparing for us. Is this it? Is this the earthly life vehicle my wife and I have been waiting on to fulfill our calling this side of Heaven? At some point soon we will be more than likely required to return to the U.S. We’re enthusiastically waiting to see what door He opens for us. I’m positively anxious as I continue to pray and seek God to see if this new discovery has a major role beyond that door. Continued blessings to both of you!! In His service, Kevin & Stacey Willard

  3. Dear Wolfgang & Mercy,
    Your message for America has hit the target. You are exactly right. Truly many are fighting the wrong fight. A new discovery of the Kingdom of God and release of an army of troubadors – evangelists – inviting people out of Babylon into the unshakeable kingdom is hopefully upon us,
    Please keep in touch,
    Paul & Nuala O’Higgins, Reconciliation Outreach

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