Why Women Are Not Female Versions Of Men

When God created male and female, he created them differently; not discriminately.

When disobedience entered the scene, things changed. Just like a good parent would take away certain privileges to a disobedient son or daughter (No cartoon movie tonight; no ice cream after dinner, sit over there quietly for 5 minutes…), God had to take away some privileges to those whom he created in his own image, and in his own likeness. Man’s work and produce turned to sweat, uncertainty, toil, thorns and thistles. He doesn’t live life, but survives it. Since God’s verdict for disobedience, responsible men (I say responsible because there are irresponsible ones in this world as well) have become risk takers, weight carriers. They tackle dangerous animals in the jungle, tackle the uncertainty of gain and loss in the stock market, you name it. They risk. Some men even need this kind of risky pressure to get their jobs done on time, that’s how  much they have come to live with it! Risk, for some men, is a driving force.

Woman who was once a co-ruler, with equal job opportunities, lost her privilege too, and is now ruled over in this fallen world. Ever since God’s verdict, she is crying and trying to get back to her original creational order. She badly wants to get back into Eden where she was a coequal, nevertheless, banished long ago. So, we hear a lot of noise about gender equality in the media, society and in politics. Responsible women juggle between work and family, trying to find their balance in the ideology that a rebellious, fallen world, (living in disobedience to God’s requirements), pushes against God’s verdict. Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not against women who work outside of home. I myself work outside of home and inside of home. Keep on reading further because that’s not the point I want to make.

Gender equality is forcefully pushed and strongly backed up by law, that most young teenage girls accept it as their new religion. They put their faith in it, hoping, this is their new found freedom. Only later, as they enter the real world at the work place do they come to the realization, that their new found religion and freedom is just a “well-wish” ideology and not a tangible reality. These young girls are molded at an early age that they are someone who they are not, only to later on figure out to their utter confusion, that their whole identity is stolen right under their nose during their most significant developing time of their lives. Most of these young women are completely lost in their early twenties, and have to reconfigure their identity in the confused, chaotic, and tumultuous noisy world.

We have had at our home in the past two months, at least 4 young couples between the ages of 20 to 26 who desperately wanted counseling because their relationships broke up and they couldn’t figure out why.  We had days and weeks of talks, but the shortest version of their struggle is that the man wants to protect, provide and be fruitful and multiply; and the woman does not find a solid place in this protection, provision and the home they dream of building. She is unhappy, confused and lost with too many choices and opportunities that are before her. She wants to be beyond her identity and beyond her potential. Equality offers to her an ‘all-conquering’ hyper reality, stealing the very life out of her and him. In the cacophony of gender equality, the man does not know any longer what law he has just now broken when he remarked about anything to her. And the woman watches carefully every word he says. She uses her sense of entitlement, (usually inflated beyond the norm) carelessly. Instead of earning such entitlements, she is deceived to demand it, often not in the right spirit – some sort of pride, superiority, a mixture of revenge, and egoistic arrogance. The man is lost in her being lost. And they solve it through a break up, destroying the love, the care, the togetherness and much more that they both seek.

We hear the cry for gender equality and women empowerment because the world portraits the image of the women as someone lesser than men. Whereas, God did not create humankind unequal, inferior or lesser than the other. He created them male and female, one quite different, (biologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually), than the other. God empowered both male and female differently when he created them. God did not create the woman and tell her, “Now, become like man.” Sorry, no! Women are not female versions of men and every wise woman knows that.

Isa 14:14 “I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” – Lucifer (Latin for ‘morning star’ a title referred to Satan himself.) Satan who is not God, badly wanted to make himself equal to God. Making oneself equal to the other, (unless God appoints it again), is a proud aspiration that stems directly from the heart of the devil. If God created us differently, why cut and alter, mend and make it to be equal?

Apostle Paul says in Gal 3:28, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  In this world there is discrimination based on race, jobs, and gender. Only in Christ, when we come surrendered to his headship, we can freely be female and male, and not female nor male, and also not female equals male. Male and female is God’s original idea, his creation; each unique of its own. He will not neuter, equalize or erase gender differences because human kind wills it. Only in Christ there is no discrimination or the need for women to be empowered; she is empowered to be who she is by the Holy Spirit. There is male and female in Christ, and we are all one because of Christ.

The body of Christ which is made up of male and female is collectively female. She is called the Bride of Christ. The Bride of the King. Women have an important and influential role to model to men, what it takes to be a bride. Do not let the world deceive you from missing your purpose. Do not let the world neuter, equalize, erase and steal your identity.

Much more on male and female ‘Oneness’ in my book: The King’s Woman.

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