Why Women Are Not Female Versions Of Men

When God created male and female, he created them differently; not discriminately.

When disobedience entered the scene, things changed. Just like a good parent would take away certain privileges to a disobedient son or daughter (No cartoon movie tonight; no ice cream after dinner, sit over there quietly for 5 minutes…), God had to take away some privileges to those whom he created in his own image, and in his own likeness. Man’s work and produce turned to sweat, uncertainty, toil, thorns and thistles. He doesn’t live life, but survives it. Since God’s verdict for disobedience, responsible men (I say responsible because there are irresponsible ones in this world as well) have become risk takers, weight carriers. They tackle dangerous animals in the jungle, tackle the uncertainty of gain and loss in the stock market, you name it. They risk. Some men even need this kind of risky pressure to get their jobs done on time, that’s how  much they have come to live with it! Risk, for some men, is a driving force.

Woman who was once a co-ruler, with equal job opportunities, lost her privilege too, and is now ruled over in this fallen world. Ever since God’s verdict, she is crying and trying to get back to her original creational order. She badly wants to get back into Eden where she was a coequal, nevertheless, banished long ago. So, we hear a lot of noise about gender equality in the media, society and in politics. Responsible women juggle between work and family, trying to find their balance in the ideology that a rebellious, fallen world, (living in disobedience to God’s requirements), pushes against God’s verdict. Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not against women who work outside of home. I myself work outside of home and inside of home. Keep on reading further because that’s not the point I want to make.

Gender equality is forcefully pushed and strongly backed up by law, that most young teenage girls accept it as their new religion. They put their faith in it, hoping, this is their new found freedom. Only later, as they enter the real world at the work place do they come to the realization, that their new found religion and freedom is just a “well-wish” ideology and not a tangible reality. These young girls are molded at an early age that they are someone who they are not, only to later on figure out to their utter confusion, that their whole identity is stolen right under their nose during their most significant developing time of their lives. Most of these young women are completely lost in their early twenties, and have to reconfigure their identity in the confused, chaotic, and tumultuous noisy world.

We have had at our home in the past two months, at least 4 young couples between the ages of 20 to 26 who desperately wanted counseling because their relationships broke up and they couldn’t figure out why.  We had days and weeks of talks, but the shortest version of their struggle is that the man wants to protect, provide and be fruitful and multiply; and the woman does not find a solid place in this protection, provision and the home they dream of building. She is unhappy, confused and lost with too many choices and opportunities that are before her. She wants to be beyond her identity and beyond her potential. Equality offers to her an ‘all-conquering’ hyper reality, stealing the very life out of her and him. In the cacophony of gender equality, the man does not know any longer what law he has just now broken when he remarked about anything to her. And the woman watches carefully every word he says. She uses her sense of entitlement, (usually inflated beyond the norm) carelessly. Instead of earning such entitlements, she is deceived to demand it, often not in the right spirit – some sort of pride, superiority, a mixture of revenge, and egoistic arrogance. The man is lost in her being lost. And they solve it through a break up, destroying the love, the care, the togetherness and much more that they both seek.

We hear the cry for gender equality and women empowerment because the world portraits the image of the women as someone lesser than men. Whereas, God did not create humankind unequal, inferior or lesser than the other. He created them male and female, one quite different, (biologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually), than the other. God empowered both male and female differently when he created them. God did not create the woman and tell her, “Now, become like man.” Sorry, no! Women are not female versions of men and every wise woman knows that.

Isa 14:14 “I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” – Lucifer (Latin for ‘morning star’ a title referred to Satan himself.) Satan who is not God, badly wanted to make himself equal to God. Making oneself equal to the other, (unless God appoints it again), is a proud aspiration that stems directly from the heart of the devil. If God created us differently, why cut and alter, mend and make it to be equal?

Apostle Paul says in Gal 3:28, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  In this world there is discrimination based on race, jobs, and gender. Only in Christ, when we come surrendered to his headship, we can freely be female and male, and not female nor male, and also not female equals male. Male and female is God’s original idea, his creation; each unique of its own. He will not neuter, equalize or erase gender differences because human kind wills it. Only in Christ there is no discrimination or the need for women to be empowered; she is empowered to be who she is by the Holy Spirit. There is male and female in Christ, and we are all one because of Christ.

The body of Christ which is made up of male and female is collectively female. She is called the Bride of Christ. The Bride of the King. Women have an important and influential role to model to men, what it takes to be a bride. Do not let the world deceive you from missing your purpose. Do not let the world neuter, equalize, erase and steal your identity.

Much more on male and female ‘Oneness’ in my book: The King’s Woman.


Recognize Them By Their Fruit

There are three kinds of fruit: Good fruit, bad (or no) fruit, and genetically modified fruit.

Let’s have a look:

Based on Mt 7:15-23, “Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom of heaven; but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

Jesus was well aware of the false prophets of the Old Testament, those enemies of the truth who allured people and excited them with hope when there was no hope. Those who made people to believe all is well, when nothing good was in them. Jesus warned us that there will be falsehood in his community. He warned way ahead of time that false Christs will appear and perform in a way that even the elect, if they are not on guard, will fall prey to their deception. In today’s fast and high-tech, socially-networked world, where people compete to be on the cutting edge, to know the latest truth that trends in and changes every 15 minutes, it is hard to recognize and discern those who say ‘Kingdom, Kingdom’, yet violate the truth of the Kingdom. Outwardly, they may pass as fellow disciples of the King. At first glance, they say all the right things: ‘Lord, Lord, we prophecy, we drive out demons, we do miracles, we pray, we fast, we make disciples, we do good-will to the widows, the orphans, the poor and the needy…in your name.’

Yes, they use the name of Jesus to deceive, even the elect. From a certain distance they look like fig trees, but if you come closer, you will see their true thistly nature. From a certain distance you hear them shout “Kingdom, Kingdom”, but as you get closer you get to hear the muffled “my” before the word “Kingdom”. From a distance they deceive you to believe that they are grapes, but eventually the thorns will reveal themselves for what they truly are. Have you ever been fooled by such duplicates?

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I have been. Quite often in the Body of Christ. They are usually afraid of closer scrutiny, lest they are found out! They will not allow you to come close to them for fear of being betrayed by their own true nature. They like to rather talk about the speck of sawdust in your eyes and pay no attention to  the plank in their own eye.

So, how do we distinguish between the fig tree and the thistle; the grapes and the thorns? Jesus says, “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Not by their flowers, their leaves, their looks or even their fragrance. These outward things, these images and reports on social media can fool you. And, what is so special about the fruit? The fruit is where the seeds are protected. These seeds have the amazing ability to multiply into next generations. They contain the DNA that is needed to reproduce another tree that reproduces another tree and another. It is the continuity of life. Likewise, says Jesus, there are good trees and bad trees. Good trees produce good fruit and bad trees produce bad fruit. You cannot expect a bad tree to produce good fruit or a good tree to produce bad fruit.

As I walked my dog one morning, I saw a farmer cut down cherry trees and pile the wood next to the tree stump. I asked him, “Why are you cutting them down, I enjoy its flowers during Spring season.” The farmer simply said, “Their fruit is not edible; they have worms. They are useless.” A good cherry tree cannot produce bad fruit, but it can produce fruit with worms in it. Sin can wiggle inside a good fruit bearing tree and corrupt it with worms. These trees then become useless to the Lord of the harvest. They are no more good trees for him, therefore, he will cut them down like a good farmer does and throw those into the fire.

Genetically Modified Fruit: Then there are trees that do produce fruit, but their seeds are genetically modified by human hands. Their DNA is changed using genetic engineering techniques to increase sales profit. Just like genetically modified vegetables, they are more colorful, bigger in size, and produce bigger quantity. More and more of Christianity is using genetic engineering techniques to sell itself better. Some capture a moment with their cameras and then market their experience on social media to get attention. But if you look at their DNA, the creational order of the Creator is absent in them. Their seeds look like seeds, but they can’t multiply. Their fruit smell like fruit, but do not taste like fruit. The multiplicative fruit is modified to please the eyes of the public. It attracts attention, it is colorful, exciting, different, smart, high tech, and high yield – but it is man-made. Its fruit does not reflect the image of God, nor his Kingdom standards.

There will be a moment of truth. In the presence of Christ, some, with fervency will cry out ‘Lord, Lord, didn’t we, in your name, prophecy, drive out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, disciple others, do good deeds to the poor, pray, fast, preach…? Such cries will be insufficient in that moment of truth. Jesus answers: I don’t recognize you. You don’t reflect me. Your fruits are of no use to me. They are infested with worms. “Away from me, you evil doers.”

That is a strong statement from Jesus mouth, and I hope none of us ever will have to hear it. So let us make sure that we are good trees, yielding good fruit.

When Women Rule Us Astray

When women rule us astray
In Isaiah 3:1-15 God laments over his people of Jerusalem and Judah because of their disobedient condition and the public parading of their sin. Their behavior reminds us a lot of the condition the whole world is in today. Verse 12 may sound particularly shocking for our modern ears. God then saw women in ruling position not as the sign of blessing, but as an expression of his judgment over his people.


Women’s March, Versailles Wikimedia Commons

In our modern world, about 22 countries live under the rule of women. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Senegal, South Korea or Bangladesh have a female president, Prime Minister or Chancellor. What is God’s perspective when he looks on 22 countries ruled by women? God is the one who establishes governing authorities; he changes time and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He knows exactly what he is doing, he has a hand in who rules today. Is God sending his judgment over nations by instituting women to rule them?

The democratic majority disagrees with God
Most of us have heard the femininists view point on the rulership of women. Lately, even Christian women (and men!) are more and more siding along with femininistic thought patterns on this topic, typically quoting Bible verses completely out of its context and its culture to make their unbiblical points. Most of those in politics (and specifically those who wish to be politically correct!) as well as those in positions of power have one thing in common, true to Psalm 2: They take their stand against the Lord, trying to break his chains and throw off his fetters. Their battle cry is to defy God’s order of life, and make disobedience against God the new binding law. Most of us have also put in our own two cents about women as rulers, leaders, and in headship positions. But at the end of the day, all these debates, opinions, and wishes are just human’s view. What counts is how does God see it. What is God’s view on this? The Bible tells us the story of two foreign women (Jezebel and her daughter Athaliah) who pushed themselves forward to rule Israel. Their story did not end well. In the Bible, there is not a single instance that an Israelite woman ruled over Israel. Headship simply was male, just like God ordered it in the very beginning. Why chance for worse what God has ordered beautifully?

Deborah was a mother, not a ruler
Some may argue that Deborah was a ruler. But how can she be a ruler (or a king) when it says four times in the Book of Judges that “Israel had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” Deborah was one who did not do as she saw fit. She was not a disobedient rebel. She aligned herself to do what was fitting with her God! Listen to what she says about herself in Jdg 5:6-7: “In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the roads were abandoned; travelers took to winding paths. Village life in Israel ceased, ceased until I, Deborah, arose, arose a mother in Israel.” She does not perceive herself as a  ruler, not even as a leader, but as a mother! She was someone who sat under her palm tree where the Israelites came to her to have their disputes decided because she could hear God as a prophetess and because she did what fit God, and not what fit man. Today, we fit to whatever the majority shouts loud; we enter whatever gate is broad and wide. Who, in today’s cacophony of opinionated and angry voices, seriously bothers to care for the view that God has? Read more on this in my book, “The King’s Woman”

Hosts are not leaders
Some naively believe that women held leadership positions in the early church, misunderstanding the term “hosting” to mean leadership. To host means to open up your house for others to meet. Paul and Peter met with the brothers at Lydia’s home, (Acts 16:40). Pricilla and Aquilla opened up their homes for the church to meet (Rom 16: 3-5). A house church gathered in Chloe’s household, (1Cor 1:11). Nympha hosted the church at her house (Col 4:15) These women might have had big houses where many could come together and hang out for a whole day or more. Paul greets the very hard working women Persis, Tyyphena and Tyrphos. (Now, hard work could mean all sorts of things: preaching and teaching, as well as getting the house ready to host many people which involves: fill up the water pitchers to wash the dusty feet before entering the house, prepare and cook large amounts of meal, hand wash piles of dishes, broom and mop the house after everyone leaves, hand wash the mats and blankets that people might have used.) When Paul writes: Greet Mary, who worked hard for you, (Rom 16:6) it does not mean Mary was a leader, having a headship position. No, it just means that Mary just willed to work hard for the people.

Men of the Kingdom created a safe place for women
Women were easily exposed to vulnerability in those ancient days; this is true even today in many parts of the world. Jesus broke this standard when he was on earth. Jesus deliberately made space for women, crossing every cultural and traditional barrier. Women were welcomed and were safe in his presence. The three Marys, Martha, Joanna, Susanna and many other women supported Jesus and his disciples. Paul greets a number of women in his letters who were all involved some way or the other in the cause of the gospel. He considers them as mothers, sisters, co-laborers in the Lord. Julia and the unnamed sister of Nereus, the unnamed mother of Rufus, Pricilla, the unnamed women of Philippi, who contented at Paul’s side together with Clement and other fellow-workers, Lois and Eunice (Timothy’s mother and grandmother) who were credited for their sincere faith. Paul commends Phoebe, who served helping many in the church. The Kingdom that Jesus came to establish was an upside-down Kingdom, overthrowing the parading, the culture and the legalization of sin and turned things back to God’s standards. What Jesus did and later on Paul – the men of the Kingdom! – did to the women of their times was remarkable. All these women mentioned could play a role because Paul made space for them. He created a safe and healthy environment for them to use their material resources, gifts, and talents. Alone, by themselves, these women could not have achieved this. Women were present alongside these men – and they flourished! Jesus and Paul created this environment in a culture, tradition, and customs that otherwise lived very differently. We should not therefore twist history and read into it what we want it to be today, specifically that women were in headship positions, and that this was somehow a sign of God’s blessing. The exact opposite is true. Or where, in the Bible, did God change his opinion on this? If we want to be fair to God and the very clear creational order that he has established about headship from the very beginning, we should stop twisting his words in his mouth.

Will the real men stand up, please?
An absolutely surrendered man, a man who stays submitted under the authority of God is able to create a safe place of total surrender to God for women too. Jesus stayed submitted to God until his death. Paul speaks of his ultimate surrender in Gal 2:20 with these words: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Under a healthy male headship, women can find their space, they can be safe, they can be part of the bigger picture, use their gifts, share their material resources and so on. Until we want to go as far as to brutalize scripture, there is no way we can twist things to mean that women were having headship (leadership) roles in the Bible and conclude that we all therefore need to shift away from what God had beautifully already ordered in the very beginning.

Today we see women leading protest marches in support of women’s rights, including the right to kill unborn babies. They stand up for LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, immigration and health care reform, the protection of the natural environment and workers’ rights. What does this really mean? It only shows that they have not found a safe place yet! It only shows that there are no real men who can lead and give headship for these women! So many women naively conclude, completely outside of God’s Kingdom framework : Let us take matters in our own hands, let us rule!

Could this be anything else than a judgment of God as it is stated in Is 3:12? “Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. O my people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.”

What are we to do, therefore? For men and woman alike: Your hiding place, your safety is only in Jesus, your King and Bridegroom. Run to him, surrender absolutely, submit and fall into his loving embrace.

God is non-stop awesome overwhelming adventure

It was in the mid-90s. By now we had been traveling in and out of India for almost six years. And we had been living there with our family of five, for almost another two more years. Our youngest was born in India during this time. These were the beginning days of the house church movement in India (1991-98). After practicing, modeling and preaching, “Houses that Change the World” by Wolfgang Simson was written exactly 20 years ago in India, and two years later it was published as a draft copy in India. Not many in the West were familiar with this movement then, and therefore not many in the West acknowledged the house church movement that began in India in the early 90’s. The movement quickly started to explode and we felt that our presence is no longer needed there. So, we moved back to Europe in the Summer of 1998.

When we came back to the Western World, like most good Christian parents, we were looking for a community where our children (then 6, 4 and 1 years old) could get some sort of spiritual food to grow. House Church was a new kid in the European block then. Because of the lack of understanding and existence of house church, we took our children to different Sunday church services to see which one has the best children’s program. After attending the third church, which was known in the region for its best family oriented program, we were driving back home. Our very young children had been in the children’s service while we had been in the adult service. So, curiously I asked the kids, “How was it?”

There was no answer from the back seats of the car for a few seconds. Suddenly, our oldest one (6 years old then) answered plainly, “Church is soooooo boring!” The “so” sounded much longer than the rest of the words put together in that sentence. My brain quickly started to calculate the spiritual impact. Church is boring: which means – God is in the church, that equals: God is boring! That thought slowly turned my spine from cold to icy cold from the top to the bottom, while driving. God cannot be boring! God is nonstop amazing, awesome, and an overwhelming adventure! (After all we are missionaries, you see.) If a 6 year old child can’t experience that kind of God in a church, then the best thing to do is: Stop going to boring Sunday churches altogether. That’s what we did. Our children did not grow up in a Sunday church club culture for the last 18 years. Yet, in spite of all the ups and downs of life, they all love Jesus and try to live him in their daily lives.

God does not attend a church for 1 hour and 30 minutes on a Sunday like we do. God dwells among his people. And where are his people? In their homes. This is where they live. So God dwells in the homes of his people every day, every hour, every minute and every second. So we began a lifestyle at home with God, (Did you hear me say lifestyle?  not a program, a ritual, a habit culture or a tradition – lifestyle.) God should become our lifestyle. We as parents tried to model this to our kids in our bumpy roads of everyday life. Quickly, for our young children, God became tangible.

For example: We were once hurrying to catch the last car shuttle train to get to a place which was otherwise not easily accessible by road. Outside was cold and dark. We drove nervously around the curvy Swiss Alpine roads to reach the train station on time. (If the Swiss departure time is 6:28, the train leaves at 6:28 punctually!) 2 minutes to departure and we still have at least another 10 minutes of drive in the winding alpine road. My faith was slowly fading away. I stopped worrying about catching the train and started to worry about where to find a room for five at this hour in this remote place. Our youngest who was then 3 years old realized the parents anxiety and he prayed a simple prayer: “Jesus, keep the train waiting for us.” That was the last thing he said for that day and then he fell asleep for the rest of the ride. In my nervousness, I did not take his prayer seriously! I just wanted to catch the train and get to that otherwise inaccessible place. After my faith had vanished, we finally arrived at the car shuttle train station a full 15 minutes after the departure time, knowing very well that the train had left punctually at a Swiss timing. Believe it or not, the car shuttle train was still waiting there at the station and we just drove into the train with the car and it left! Jesus kept the Swiss train waiting for us! God is real to our 3 year old! How? His parents modeled it for him before. Even at times when the parents had no faith, the children’s faith saved the family.

Live God, especially when you are upset, when you have an argument with your spouse, when you can’t love, when you can’t give, model him in everything you do. God created us in his image and in his likeness. Therefore it should be easy to reflect his image and likeness in our everyday lives. I believe it is much more difficult to reflect something which we are not created after. For example, unholiness, hate, rage, lies, gossip, jealousy, greed and more. We are not created after such wickedness. Why do we practice and model these in front of our children, family, friends and enemies? God dwelt among the people of Israel. He still wants to dwell today among his people. Christ dwells in our hearts, (not in a four-walled church building) through faith (Eph 3:17), Live always the Christ (the anointed King) who dwells in you.

Yes, if we parents don’t practice and model Christ, the environment that our children grow in, will model it differently, and that may not end in favor of you parents. First practice and model, then teach. Model purity, then teach them purity. Model generosity, then teach them generosity. Model selflessness, then teach them selflessness. Save your children, teach them the ways by modeling, so they may walk in it. Model the Way, the Truth and the Life and they will choose right, and stay away from foolishness.

I heard a humorous saying some time ago:  “Before you go out to change the world, go change your own underwear.”It is true, remove that dirt, that smelly thing, unload those unnecessary heavy burdens of religion, rituals, traditions, habits, culture and more. Then take a deep breath of fresh air and enter Kingdom. The King said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Let go of man-made yokes that are burdensome, yield yourselves to yoke with Jesus. It will relieve you and you will find the promised rest in his Kingdom under his Kingship.

Oh yes, 2017 can come! Wishing you all a hopeful new year 2017!


God looks for oneness and he finds egos!

God looks for oneness and he finds egos!

The way we understand oneness and the way God means oneness are two different things.

Oneness is to leave behind individualism and self driven-ness, and to merge into each other as one entity. Father God and his Son function fused and glued in each other. Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father, said Jesus in Jn 14:9. Jesus simply refused  to be an individual. It was not about his Self. My words are but my Father’s, he said in Jn12:49.  I do exactly what my Father has commanded me to do, Jn 14:13.

P.C modernhdwallpaper

P.C modernhdwallpaper

And he blended his disciples into the oneness that he had with his Father.  I have revealed you to those whom you gave me out of the world… I gave them the words you gave me… I have given them your  word… I have given them the glory that you gave me… I have made you known to them… In a world full of egos and Selfies and self-promotions, I-me my-mine, how often do we stop to think for a second, why am I doing what I am doing? What is the driving force of my motives? Ego? Greed?

How did Jesus attain this oneness with the Father? He chose to voluntarily submit to his Father. He let go of his ego. Right before his horrible death, he agonized to his Father, “Take this cup from me, yet not what I will but what you will.” Submission to his death! What a model to follow as his disciples!

My woman-friend and I were serving another lady last week, casting demons out of her life. We have not served together before. We were quite surprised to see how we were flowing in one accord. It felt like we both flew with one set of wings, so to say. Where she left I continued and where I left she continued without any disruption in the flow for the next three and a half intense hours. We were one in our spirits, one in our mind and thoughts, with God and each other. Why? Because it did not matter who did what. It did not matter who has more authority in prayer and how much the devil shudders. All we did was to submit to God and each other and the devil could find nothing of him in us; all he had to do was to submit to the One in us. He saw no division within us, but oneness through submission to God and each other.

Oneness is not – be by myself as one person.

Ego, fear, envy and hate for others are the strongest enemies (demons) of oneness that God wants to see in his bride. Cast those out; they are nothing but just demons!

Apostle Paul stood FOR women, not agaist women!

Today 8th of March is celebrated as the International women’s day by the whole world. This year the campaign theme is #pledge for parity. They push that urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity all over the world! Everytime I feel the pressure, I ask “why?” Why is the agenda of gender equality pushed into this generation when God has created a clear and divine order of  Head-Body relationship? What is really lying behind this agenda to destroy the divine order of God by making male and femal equal? Sadly, many Christians ignorantly join this gender parity movement without a clear understanding of God’s divine order!

I have attached a file here, Paul’s Kingdom perspective on women, chapter 27 from my book, “The King’s Woman” to have a better understanding of Paul and his forever misunderstood verses in 1Tim 2:9-15. Please have a read and if you want to read more you can order the book here:

Kingdom Passport

Introducing the “Kingdom Passport Project”

Every human is a migrant! Some flee from bombs and destruction, others flee from religious or political repression, but most people flee from the traumas of their own past.

KP_Cover_w_StickerThe urging question is, “where to run?” Europe is not really the promised land. Where is the country that so many people feel homesick for, without ever having been there? This booklet addresses that best kept secret of the world.

We are launching a new missionary project that aims at explaining to the above mentioned migrants of all three categories how to become naturalized citizens of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The goal is not to make more proselytes for the religion of Christianity, but to seed into them the Gospel of the Kingdom in such a way, to directly become “citizens of heaven” (Phil 3:20), without the detour of man-made religion. The readers are encouraged to start “Kingdom communities”, explained in the booklet, with the imagery of the Ark. While the entire world increasingly drowns in a whirlpool of events, the house-boats of God do swim! They are the earthly beachheads for the colonies of the Kingdom of heaven, and provide the only firm and secure ground in a world seemingly spinning out of control. This message is also an important topic for the post-Christian societies of the cultural West, which is facing economic, political and moral challenges of dramatic proportions. That is why there is no better way to prepare ourselves for the future than to become determined citizens of the most fascinating domain that will dominate the future of the world ̶ the unshakeable Kingdom of God (Heb 12:28).

This project is different from the classical evangelistic tract distribution which usually aims at leading people to a conversion and membership of a traditional church. This is explicitly an apostolic sowing initiative. Instead of a come-message, this booklet contains a go-message that can and should spread virally. We will only be able to harvest what we have sown. Let us therefore, give this world a new kind of seed! Jesus Christ said it like this: “This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be proclaimed to all people groups, and then the end shall come.”

We distribute these 28-pages, passport size (A6) booklets for free in various languages. The electronic versions can be downloaded at the website It contains the basic, minimum information of the Gospel of the Kingdom. At the end of the booklet we include the most important Laws of Christ, so that anyone can know beforehand what legal framework he can expect in his new home country and start living by it immediately.

We invite anyone who is interested to become a partner in this project. You could help by posting the Kingdom Passport pdf file on your website. Please let us know if you want to be a translator, a distributor, a sponsor (for printing, translation, logistics), or an intercessor of this project. If we want “to harvest without ceasing” (Gal 6:9), we need to start sowing a seed that multiplies itself. And only the seeds of the Kingdom can do that.